Download UniKey 4.3 RC3 Build 180702 (Released 07/02/2018)

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    UniKey 4.3 RC3 Build 180702 (Released 07/02/2018)

    UniKey 4.3 RC3 Build 180702 (Released 07/02/2018)

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    Tây Hòa, Phú Yên
    Version 4.3 RC2 released on July 1, 2018 with fixes for Excel and browsers’ address bar.
    Bug fix:
    - Not completely changed or deleted previous characters in Excel or the address bar of browsers when there is a text suggestion. Example: [sang] + 's' = [saáng]
    - Working correctly in Excel, and all browsers, including: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer.
    Version 4.3 RC1 released on June 23, 2018 with some important updates.
    - Digitally signed with a valid certificate. From now on, you can always check if your UniKey program is safe to use.
    - More information on UniKey’s signature
    - Bug fixes to allow typing in Edge browser
    - Fixed bug that caused macro file empty.
    - Improvements for macro:
    + You can define up to 8192 macro entries
    + New option to enable/disable auto-upcasing of macro replacement text.


    x64: RC3/
    x86: RC3/

    * Notes: Digital signature from version 4.3.

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